Data Importers

CSV Importer

First, set up the packages repository as described in Client Applications → Setting Up Packages Repository.

Client side

CSV Importer can be installed with

sudo apt-get install sharemind-csv-importer

If CSV Importer is your first Sharemind MPC client application, follow the rest of the steps in Client Applications to generate a public key pair and configure CSV Importer.

For using CSV Importer, continue to Development → CSV Importer.

Server side

CSV Importer needs a server side component (SecreC program) that accepts data shares sent by the client application and stores them in a database. Install the following package on all MPC computation nodes:

sudo apt-get install sharemind-csv-importer-backend

This gives you the compiled bytecode version of the CSV Importer backend SecreC program stored at /usr/share/sharemind/csv-importer/ However, for security reasons it is not deployed or enabled by default in the Application Server. To do that, symlink (or copy) it to your Application Server’s programs path:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/sharemind/csv-importer/ /var/lib/sharemind/programs/