Module with functions for randomizing values.



Function for randomizing values.

Detailed Description

D - shared2p protection domain

T - any data type



- an array of any dimension

returns an array with randomized values

Function Overloads

D T _randomize(D T[[N]] arr)

D bool randomize(D bool[[N]] arr)

D uint8 randomize(D uint8[[N]] arr)

D uint16 randomize(D uint16[[N]] arr)

D uint32 randomize(D uint32[[N]] arr)

D uint randomize(D uint[[N]] arr)

D int8 randomize(D int8[[N]] arr)

D int16 randomize(D int16[[N]] arr)

D int32 randomize(D int32[[N]] arr)

D int randomize(D int[[N]] arr)

D xor_uint8 randomize(D xor_uint8[[N]] arr)

D xor_uint16 randomize(D xor_uint16[[N]] arr)

D xor_uint32 randomize(D xor_uint32[[N]] arr)

D xor_uint64 randomize(D xor_uint64[[N]] arr)